Pipe & Drape Set Up


Base 18" X 18" X 3/16" (17.5 lbs) pin included
Standard Fixed upright 8' x 1.5"
Satin Black Out Drape, 8'h x 10'w (96"h x 120"w)
Telescopic Drape Support (crossbar) 6'-10'
Prices are based off of a 10x10 set up.

10x10 Room will be $310.00 PLUS a $150 delivery/ set up fee. Other set ups are available upon request.

Email or Call to Order : | (973) 851-5304
**New York Sales tax will be applied at 8.875% to all orders. **If pipes and drapes are combined with Tables & Chairs, this delivery fee will only be applied. **For larger or long term orders, please email us directly at